Companion diagnostic market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 30% by 2035 predicts Roots Analysis

Published: November 2022

A report published by Roots Analysis Private Ltd., estimates that Companion Diagnostics market was worth USD 200 MM in 2012.  

‘Companion Diagnostics Market, 2013-2023’ report, projects a CAGR of 29.2% over the next five years that is the market likely to reach USD 897 MM by 2018. To develop companion diagnostic tests, many start-ups diagnostic companies are also engaged in partnership with large pharmaceutical companies. The companion diagnostics pipeline is rich with majority products being developed with the collaborative effort of pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies. 

Personalised medicine relies on targeted therapeutics and companion diagnostics. It is a genome-based therapeutic approach which aims to adopt customised treatment for every individual. Aspects of genetic testing are used for checking potential abnormalities post which the treatment is tailored in order to make it as individualised as the disease itself.

Targeted drugs overshadow the traditional drugs due to their superior efficacy and safety profile. The biopharmaceutical industry has been sceptical and slow to adopt the concept of companion diagnostics, as it limits the target population for the drug. 

The report differentiates personalised medicine diagnostics and companion diagnostics. The Companion Diagnostics Market, 2013-2023 report provides a comprehensive view of the companion diagnostics market. The market has also been evaluated regionally; this provides a greater clarity in the differing approaches various regions have towards personalised medicine and companion diagnostics. In parallel, the market for companion drugs, that are associated with companion diagnostics, has also been researched in detail. 


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