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Returns / Refund Policy

Due to the nature of our business, we follow a ‘no-refund’ policy on all the reports purchased directly through us or via our website. As the reports are in PDF format, which can be easily distributed via emails, we do not offer refunds in most cases.

We strongly recommend that the intended recipients read the report summary, brochure and other information available on the website before making a purchase. You may also send us an email to seek clarifications to any queries that you may have before deciding to buy a particular report.


Exchange Rates

We offer reports in three different currencies (GBP, EUR, USD). We review the currency exchange rates regularly and this gets reflected in our prices at any given point in time. The standard currency of each report is USD and prices in other currencies (EUR, GBP) are adjusted accordingly. Therefore, the price of a report in a particular currency may change over time, depending on the exchange rate fluctuations. We will not honour any refund claims which may originate due to such exchange rate fluctuations.

Any disputes or claims arising out of a purchase shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Indian courts.


User License Agreement

We own the copyright of all the reports which are published by us. While purchasing, we offer the following license options to the end users:

1. Single User License

This license grants the right of use of the purchased report to a single recipient only (normally the person who buys the report). You may access the material on your computer, as and when required, for your own personal use. You may also print multiple copies, solely for your use. Under this agreement, the report (either full or in part) should not be redistributed or reproduced in any form. Unless a Site License or an Enterprise License is purchased, a Single User license must be purchased for every person that wishes to use the report within the same enterprise.

2. Site License:

This license grants the right of use of the purchased report by the employees of a business unit at a particular site / office location. The report may be accessed on the computer of any employee within the business unit. You may also print multiple copies for use by employees at the same location. Apart from this, the report (either full or in part) should not be redistributed or reproduced in any form. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the report is kept secure and isn’t made available to any third party.

3. Enterprise License:

This license entitles the buyer of the report to share, distribute the report (either full or in part) with other employees of the same firm / enterprise. The report may be accessed by any employee of the enterprise and there is no limit on the maximum number of prints which can be taken. However, it is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the report is kept secure and isn’t made available to any third party.